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Our Humble Beginning.

In the spring of 1993, Lucky Brewgrille formed its beginning in the college town of Manhattan, Kansas. Its plan was to offer excellent food at reasonable prices in a comfortable setting. The food emphasis was on quality freshness. All meats and produce were delivered daily. At the center of the menu was unique and contemporary gourmet version of American foods. Also with an emphasis on creating a unique atmosphere for both food and liberation. After seven years as a top restaurant and bar in the famous Aggieville district of Manhattan, the legendary Lucky Brewgrille decided to expand its concept to the Kansas City area.

Mission, our new home.

It is our belief that Mission is the perfect place for a contemporary restaurant that can also offer a comfortable atmosphere for food and drink. It was this belief that we banked our LIFE SAVINGS and livelihood on Lucky Brewgrille and Mission. We strongly believe the City of Mission is a thriving community that would welcome a friendly neighborhood restaurant outside the traditional chain varieties that pepper the landscape of EVERY town in America.

A different restaurant experience.

At Lucky Brewgrille we will offer high-quality regional foods presented in a more contemporary setting. Both in our recipes and dining room presentations. We will offer a wonderful plate presentation and an affordable yet exciting wine list. As our first restaurant, we will emphasize excellent foods in a comfortable setting at reasonable prices. We are also involved in the community in supporting other area businesses and various community events. It is our goal to be a strong and successful business while becoming a welcomed neighbor in the community.